Special Grooming for Your Dog

Scruffs does not sedate and will not accept sedated pets under any conditions.

Matted Pets

Scruffs will provide a maximum of 15 minutes of de-matting time, if the pet is tolerant to it. De-matting a pet can be very painful and ruins the coat on moderate to heavily matted pets. The safest and kindest alternative is to shave the coat and start over. Scruffs is not liable for any condition uncovered by the groomer due to matting. A vet consultation will be recommended by the groomer to handle the condition at the owners expense.

FURĀ®minator Shedless Treatment

(60-80% less shedding guaranteed!!) This unique 4 step grooming process combines protein shampoo enriched with Omega -fatty acids, specialized de-shedding solution, conditioning treatment and an innovative tool, (FURminator) to remove dead hair and reduce shedding up to 80%(!) after one or two treatments. The FURminator treatment will make both long and short coated pets look and feel better and promote healthy skin and coats when combined with a healthy diet.

Recommended by doctors for people with allergies. Allergy sufferers may breathe easier after your pet(s) has had the FURminator Shed-less Treatment. Reducing the amount of pet hair in your environment also reduces the amount of dander and airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people.

Advantages of Maintenance Between Grooms

It won’t take long to keep your pet happy and looking good with a little between groom brushing. Always choose a time when it’s quiet and maybe after a play session or walk to brush your pet–you’ll both be more relaxed and patient. Great for bonding too! Maintaining your pets coat will be a savings to you with less time spent at the groomers!!

Les Pooch Brushes – available @ scruffs

Les Pooch Brushes – designed specifically for specific coat types. Simply the best brushes- made in Germany. The proper brush type and method of use is important in order to be effective – glad to show you how and why they will keep your dog cleaner, matt/tangle free and $ave you at the groomers!

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