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What They’re saying…

“I am so happy with your caring way for all my dogs. I am very glad to have found you. Best,”
Laura E. 

“He always looks so good after your’e done. You did a great job!”
Margaret Frothingham 

“Lady & Jack love their spa day w/Nancy Lee….she polishes and pampers our pets…so take it from Lady of the house that Jack built-every pooch prefers scruffs!”
Wendy and Mike C. 

“Toby had never looked this good! Many thanks,
Diana D. 

“This is perfect, thanks so much! We have received so many compliments on Maggie. See you next time,”
Kim B. 

Scruffs mobile dog grooming was a great experience for my 2 dogs and me. They have never looked so good after being groomed and I could tell they felt so much better! Weeks after their coats are still looking great. My elder dog pranced as he exited the van knowing how good he looked. Nancy was great to work with and available for questions, etc.. It was such a snap to have the van drive up to my work place and have each dog groomed. I look forward to using scruffs again and highly recommend the service. ”
Suzie M.  

 “Maggie looked so stunning when you finished with her! I’m glad you could fit us in.”
Liz Clark

“Thanks for making Bogie so handsome!
Clare and Don Barker

“…many thanks Nancy. My pups and I love you!”
Laura Eddy

“Thank you so much for your care of Minnie and Kayla. I just love seeing their little faces, which hide under all that hair after a while.”
Dianne Kappas

“I just wanted to thank you again for doing my girls ~ they’re beautiful! I took Tater into town this morning and everyone thought she looked beautiful. She slept right up on my pillow and she smelled really good. Thanks again!”
Sandy Hudson

“Thank you! Nancy. My golden, Gator, looks great!! The haircut was just what I wanted.”
Rick Nordoff

Nancy is both a fantastic dog-groomer and a really lovely person. “My two-and-half year old Wheaten Terrier, Argos, is always ecstatic to see her. He returns from every appointment looking like a superstar. Not only is Nancy a caring, compassionate groomer–so patient, even with difficult-to-manage Wheaten hair–but she is also a great source of advice about training and doggie psychology.”

“I would like others to know that Nancy is a wonderful groomer and friend to my Samantha. She is thorough and gentle with my dog and very professional with me. She has identified problems that needed the intervention of a vet and made helpful suggestions for Samantha’s care. I recommend Nancy in every way.”
Holly Geddes

“The advantages of Scruff’s is that the service comes to Minnie’s residence by appointment. Minnie is a standard poodle who has a car sickness problem and when the service comes to the door Minnie is happy to see Nancy as well as allowing Minnie to keep her breakfast in tact.Nancy listens to our reasons as to how we want her cut, which is the look of a poodle but with those exceptions. Nancy spends what ever time it takes to bath her, cut her coat, cut the hair out of her ears and trim her nails. When she comes bouncing back to us she smells wonderful and is wearing the cut of of the most elegant poodle of the times.”
George and Bernadine Starken

“When your work is finished, he (Goodness) always looks spectacular, but of equal importance to us, he is not frenetic-acting or distressed. As you know, Goodness is a rescued standard poodle with many health issues. Christina and I very much appreciate the special care you take to make Goodness comfortable with his regular, periodic grooming. When your work is finished, he always looks spectacular, but of equal importance to us, he is not frenetic-acting or distressed. He is calm and seems to sense that something “nice”has happened, because we all make a fuss about how beautiful he looks! We want Goodness’ final years to be comfortable and “healthy.” Your kind and gentle treatment of our dog is an important part of that. Thank you for doing what you do so professionally and so caringly.”
Paul and Christina Showalter

“Hi Nancy! Just want to thank you for your great care of Gertie and Alberta the other day. They look and smell great, Alberta’s hair cut is so cute and she feels relieved to be rid of so much fur for the summer. It was a pleasure for me as well, from my first encounter with you via your cheerful & positive phone message to actually meeting you. We look forward to seeing you again in your fab Scruffs Mobile.”
Carol Knight & Ray Lewis & The Girls, Gertrude O’Malley, Alberta Einstein

“Nancy Lee of Scruff’s Pet Grooming Service has been a life saver for us! We have 11 large dogs and Nancy comes to our house and performs nail grooming services for them. Trimming dog nails can be very traumatic for dogs, especially if extreme care is not taken to clip the nail too short, and thereby causing pain and bleeding. Nancy takes her time, and has a wonderful way about her when dealing with my dogs. After trimming the nails, Nancy carefully files them also. Eleven dogs x 4 feet each x 5 nails per foot = a lot of time and patience..and Nancy has always done an excellent job!”
Betty Strauss

“Jake and Zoe really look great. You have been improving your skills ever since your first visit,…you have really taken a giant step forward.”
Janet Christensen

“Nancy, I just want to tell you I so admire you and appreciate all your time spent with my little boy… We were a little worried that Happytalk would maybe be insecure with his fur cut back so much–he is the happiest “person” in the world! I just want to thank you, I think you are a lovely, lovely person. Thank you for caring for our little baby.”
Heller Halliday

“That’s awfully conscientious/professional of you, thanks. And thanks from Billie and Gunner who are much happier with their clean and lean(er) coats (esp. this afternoon with the warm sun at last)! We’ll look forward to seeing you June’ish. Thanks!”
Chesa Profaci

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on Remy… He looks like a perfect poodle! You made him look as though I could walk him along the Champs Elysee and feel right at home. Everyone compliments me on him. He loves being with you because you’re so gentle with him. He tells me it’s such a treat going to scruffs! Thank you for taking such good care of my boy! Thank you thank you thank you!”
Jenifer Endicott

“You did a wonderful job on Louie…so handsome! Thanks! However, he looks so different that the cat didn’t recognize him. She ran from him and didn’t want to come in the house. We finally lured her in and tried to show her that he is the same Louie, but she is still not totally convinced and keeps looking at him warily. I suspect it will take a couple of days for her to accept he is really the same dog.”
Shawn Mathiesen

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