Services & Pricing

There is a minimum of $65.00 for any pet being bathed and groomed. Pricing is determined by the following factors: temperament, coat type, coat condition, size of pet, trim and style requested if applicable. Several questions will be asked before an estimate is given. Additional dog being groomedtime may be needed for special needs, seniors, and puppies to ensure a positive grooming experience.

  • Medicated baths with scruffs or vet medicated shampoo – $10.00 + base price
  • DeMatting – $15.00 plus base price
    (15 minute maximum if tolerated)

Bath & Groom

  • A thorough evaluation of the skin and coat- checking for lumps and checking paws for thorns, burrs, or infection; records kept after each grooming
  • Removal of ticks and fleas
  • Thorough ear cleaning unless infection
  • Ear canal hair trimmed or gently plucked if needed
  • Nails either clipped or dremeled – then filed for sharp edges
  • Coat brushing/clipping to remove all tangles, excess loose coat to maximize effectiveness of bath
  • (2) warm hydro massage soaks, thorough rinse to remove all residue
  • FURMINATOR Shedless Treatment
  • Natural, medicated, nontoxic, luxury shampoos best suited to your pets needs; tearless shampoo around head/eyes
  • BALSALMS (conditioner) are used (very effectively) to replenish skin and avoid potential dryness, greasy, irritated or smelly skin
  • Towel drying, finished with high velocity drying
  • Finish brushing or styling

Optional Services

  • Clipped/trimmed to commercial breed style or client requested style
  • Shave coat (not recommended if not necessary)
  • Matted pets: scruffs provides a maximum of 15 minutes of de-matting time if the pet is tolerant to it. The safest and kindest alternative is to shave the pet and start the coat over.

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